HG 回转滚筒干燥机

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概述 Descriptions



Rotary drum dryer is a kind of drying equipment for large amount of materials processing. It is reliable, flexible,applicable in drying various materials. Widely used in building materials, metallurgy, chemical and cement industry for drying slag limestone, coal, slag, clay and other materials.

Rotary drum dryer mainly build by body, lifting plate, transmission, support devices, seals and other components. The dryer is a cylinder inclined slightly horizontally. The material is fed from the higher end, the high temperature gas flows into the cylinder in parallel with the material, and the material moves to the lower end. The Parallel pick up the material and shed inside the cylinder, it makes the material and air contact surface increased, also it improve the drying rate and promote the material forward. The dried product is collected from the lower end of the drum.

特点 Features


High drying capacity, less fuel consumption and low cost of drying;


High Temperature resistance, Rapid drying via hot air;


Overload Design production margins, even if a small increase in production, there is no need to replace the equipment;


The device uses self-aligning tug structure, the tug and the rolling circle well cooperation greatly reducing the wear and power consumption;


Specially designed wheel block structure, greatly reducing the tilt caused by the work of equipment horizontal thrust;


Anti-overload capability, the cylinder smooth operation and high reliability.

适应物料 Application


 Chemical, mining, metallurgical and other industries, such as ore, slag, coal, metal powder, clay, diatomaceous earth, kaolin;


agriculture, feed, fertilizer industry, such as straw, grass, leaves, fish meal, corn paste, starch residue, lees, dregs, pomace, soy sauce residue, bagasse, peat, organic fertilizer, sludge, aquatic products Waste, food factory waste, slaughterhouse waste, organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer, ammonium phosphate fertilizer;


Special requirements of the powder, granular material drying. Such as various crystal, light calcium carbonate, activated clay, magnetic powder, graphite, inorganic mud, clay, lime slurry, ore mud, phosphate slag, aluminum red mud;


low-temperature drying, It’s suitable for large quantities of continuous drying of the material

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