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概述 Descriptions



Spin Flash Dryer is a vertical dryer with a rotary shredding device. It can dry, crush and classify materials at the same time. It is continuous drying equipment, specially designed for drying cake-like, pasty and slime-like materials.

The clean heat medium heated by the heat source enters the drying chamber in a tangential form, its forms a powerful swirling flow with the mechanical stirring mechanism. The wet material is feted into the drying chamber quantitatively by the screw feeder, and is crushed and dried under the action of agitation and vortex airflow. The top of the drying chamber is provided with a particle size classifier. The fine powder meeting the requirements is discharged from the top of the column and collected by the back separator. The larger particles which are not meeting the requirements are blocked by the classifying ring and returned to the drying chamber. until these power meet the requirement, It will be discharged with the hot air from the drying chamber, collected by the separator. Clean exhaust released to the air by exhaust fan.

特点 Features

1. 旋流、流化、喷动及粉碎分级技术的有机结合;

Swirl, fluid, spray and crushing the organic combination;

2. 设备紧凑,体积小,生产效率高;

Compact equipment, small size, high production efficiency;

3. 干燥强度大,能耗低,热效率高;

Drying intensity, low energy consumption, high thermal efficiency;

4. 物料停留时间短,成品质量好,可用于热敏性物料干燥;

Material retention time is short, the finished product of good quality, can be used for heat-sensitive materials drying;

5. 负压或微负压操作,密闭性好,效率高,消除环境污染。

Negative pressure or micro-negative pressure operation, good airtight, high efficiency, and no environmental pollution.

适应物料 Application



Organic matter: atrazine (pesticide pesticides), lauric acid separated, benzoic acid, benzoic acid, bactericidal Dan,Sodium oxalate, cellulose acetate, organic pigments and so on;



Dye: anthraquinone, black iron oxide, indigo pigments, butyric acid, titanium hydroxide, zinc sulfide, various even Nitrogen dye intermediates;



Inorganic substances: borax, calcium carbonate, hydroxide, copper sulfate, iron oxide, barium carbonate, antimony trioxide,Various metal hydroxides, various heavy metal salts, synthetic cryolite and so on;


4.Food: soy protein, gelatinized starch, wine tank, wheat sugar, wheat starch.

工艺流程图 Sketch of Flow Chart