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概述 Descriptions


PPG series pressure co-current spray dryer is a device can complete drying and granulation. According to process requirements, it can adjust the material pump pressure, flow, the size of the nozzle to get the required certain size ratio of spherical particles. The working process is high-pressure liquid feeding through the diaphragm pump, spray mist droplets, and then co-current with the hot air down, most of the powder are collected from the bottom of the discharge port, exhaust and tiny powder separated by cyclone, The exhaust gas is released from the exhaust blower, the powder is collected from the cyclone separator at the bottom, fan outlet port can also be equipped with secondary dust removal device, the recovery rate can reach 96-98%.

特点 Features


High drying speed, liquid surface is increased by the atomization,  in the hot air flow, instantaneous evaporation of 95% -98% of the water, Only 10 seconds to tens of seconds to complete the drying, especially suitable for heat sensitive materials.


All products are spherical particles, uniform size, good fluidity, good solubility, high purity, good quality.

使用范围广,根据物料的特性,可以用热风干燥, 也可以用冷风造粒,对物料的适应性强。

Widely application, according to the characteristics of materials, it can be used in hot air drying, also cold granulation, High material adaptability.


Simple and stable operation, easy control and easily automatic operation.

适应物料 Application


Chemical industry: white carbon black, concrete admixture, barium sulfate, basic chromium sulfate, alumina, titanium oxide, kaolin, ferrite, block talc, carbides, fertilizers, dyes, detergents, ACR additives, latex, Water purification agent, resin, plastic, cryolite and so on.


Food industry: dextrin, maltose, protein powder, egg yolk powder, oligosaccharides, granular fat, instant coffee, starch, spices, fruit and vegetable stars.


Dairy industry: skimmed milk powder, whole milk powder, soy milk powder, ice cream powder, milk powder, cool acid sodium.

医药工业:中西药粉剂、抗 生素、生化产品、维生素、农药粉剂、水解蛋白、酶、单细胞蛋白等。

Pharmaceutical industry: Chinese and Western medicine powder, antibiotics, biochemical products, vitamins, pesticide powder, hydrolyzed protein, enzymes, single-cell protein.


Building materials industry: ceramic blanks, glazes, ultra-fine powder and so on


Environmental protection: flue gas desulfurization, black liquor and pharmaceutical waste liquid treatment